Security & Performance

Since ecommerce software handles sensitive data and transactions, Interactive Solutions pays great attention to its security and performance. Our development approach includes software security consulting and OWASP and PCI DSS pre-certification service. To ensure long term uninterrupted operation of the solution built by Interactive Solutions we design a load-resistant architecture and utilize special procedures to avoid SPOFs.

B2B & B2C Marketplaces and Auctions

Consumer-oriented B2C Marketplaces We have experience in creating horizontal ecommerce portals featuring powerful tools for merchants to present their propositions and connect them to promotion mechanisms, delivery services and billing / accounting systems and payment gateways. For the buyer frontend Interactive Solutions supplies comprehensive functionality to find best-fit offerings, rate, compare, recommend and discuss products and services.

B2B Vertical Marketplaces / Trading Networks

Interactive Solutions helps transform vertical domain knowledge into a valuable ecommerce tool for companies looking to lower the administrative and processing costs of bidding, tendering and procurement.

Mobile Shopping & Social Networking Features

Mobile shopping and social networking are an integral part of modern advanced ecommerce solutions. Interactive Solutions offers all-round development combining all components in one solution.

Web Store Development

Interactive Solutions offers agile development approach and short time to market for new web stores or redesign & refactoring of existing ones. Starting project is easier than you may think - simply post a request to get a free quote and we will help drive the process.

Auctions and Reverse Auctions

Interactive Solutions technology expertise helps resolve the most challenging tasks for online auction trade:
• Comprehensive bidding system
• Secure transactions processing
• Multiple payment management options
• Real-time operations support
• Voice and video streaming support

Payment Gateways

Interactive Solutions and its partners has experience in building solutions for online payment processing. We offer full-cycle development for the following types of solutions:
• Credit card processing (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB)
• Mobile payments
• Online wallets
• Virtual POS implementation

Our expertise covers all the vital requirements for building payment gateways, including preparation for PCI DSS certification:
• 3-D Secure integration
• Fraud protection / Risk filters
• Billing systems
• Multiple processing methods support

Online Procurement and Purchase-to-Pay Solutions

Interactive Solutions and its Partners have been delivering web-based software for enterprises and business services companies. A comprehensive skill set in business process automation allows us to deliver comprehensive P2P solutions aiming at reducing costs, facilitating procurement process and accelerating information flows between supply chain partners:

To make the solution work and provide benefits for decision makers and procurement / accounting personnel Interactive Solutions utilizes its expertise in the following areas:
• Online communication and application integration
• Workflow automation
• Business intelligence and reporting
• Document management
• Payment and billing
• Expense management